Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quiz at SPJIMR, Mumbai

SPJIMR, Mumbai is having a quiz as a part of its fest OJAS 2010.

Name of the Event: Philomath
Flavour: Business Quiz
QM: Souvik Basu
Date - 19th February, Friday
Time - 3 PM
Open to students only
2 member teams
No cross teams allowed
Prizes worth Rs 30,000 to be won
For details, please visit

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Blogger JaldiQuizzer said...

Why is the quiz on a weekday? To keep corporates out of bay?

12:51 AM  
Anonymous Soubhagya Jena said...

The Philomath bizquiz at SPJIMR on 19th feb. was the best quiz that i have attended this year in terms of content. Souvik da continues with his no nonsense style of quizzing.
The questions in the dry round were pretty workoutable and all of them were fresh new questions, a far cry from the habbit of quizmasters repeating age old questions. The theme round on buzzers was also pretty nice and you had to act fast to get the advantage.
Souvik easily disguised many current affairs question by his style of presentation making them look not so easy like the Faber Castell pen of the year and Virgin's necker nymph questions.

The connect round was again pretty workoutable with the answers being known brands and not some unknown brands, u had to just make educated guesses. At least he doesnot give the feeling of a sadistic quizmasters who enjoy when quizzers dont get a answer.
The last round on clues had some real toughies and only 2 questions were cracked by some teams out of 4.

Overall very good quiz, with great dry questions interlaced with great ad questions to make the quiz enjoyable and some good audience questions to keep the audience engaged. Souvik da is fast becoming a polished quizmaster.

Wishin him all the luck.

The results were as follows:
ITM,Navi Mumbai-first

12:01 PM  

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