Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tata Crucible Mumbai 2010

Went to see the Mumbai campus round at Taj President. Am glad that I did, for it was a nice quiz. Much better than last year with a number of good teams on stage.

The prelims had 20 questions which were mostly guessable. 2 questions, particularly on Ray Kroc and 7-Eleven were nicely framed. One new thing for me was two questions on Tatas in the prelims. Also, thankfully there were no questions where you had to identify the production houses of Bollywood films. Hopefully that trend will stop from now on.

After the prelims, 6 teams that made it on stage were:
Sardar Patel College of Engineering
HR College of Commerce
SP Jain

Sadly no team from my alma mater NMIMS made it to stage. I was also surpised to see a team from NITIE and KJ Somaiya to miss out though they did make it to the wildcards.

The finals were better than last year. Some nice questions and some cracking answers made it a great final. The undergrad teams from SPCE & HR College gave some stunning answers. However, the ITM duo looked solid on fundas and well-prepared and it was what set them apart. They did give the audience some entertaining moments when they rapped on & on in 2-3 answers. To me, they were the deserving winners. All the best for the National Finals, guys!

One heartening thing was to see several people from SPCE & HR College turn up to cheer their teams. Their answers were loudly applauded by their mates and they did deserve every bit of it. Well done guys!

Prelims questions:
1. Which famous Indian once said 'Tatas represent the spirit of adventure'?
Ans - Mahatma Gandhi
2. Whose positioning is India's only FIVE sTAR airlines?
Ans - Kingfisher Airlines
3. DLF logo
4. IndiaFirst Logo
5. What is the name of the toothpaste co-created by Sachin Tendulkar?
Ans - Sach
6. pic of Ajit Jain7. Which publishing house was founded by Allen Lane in 1935? They sold high quality six pennyworth paperbacks through Woolworth.
Ans - Penguin
8. He owned San Diego Padre baseball team starting in 1974. He is better known for Grinding it Out and building a huge empire. What global corp did he start?
Ans - McDonalds
9. Visual of 360 Logistics logo. With whom will you associate this?
Ans - captain Gopinath
10. pic of Sanjeev Bikchandani
11. 'I regard X as my inspiration'- Hitler told this to a Detroit newspaper 2 years before he became Chancellor in 1933. Who is X?
Ans - Henry Ford
12. Boeing logo
13. Cover of 'Tipping Point'; author?Ans - Malcolm Gladwell
14. SBI ad campaign featuring Dadabhai Nauroji
15. Dennis Tomkins, bush & I invented and patented a shoe to 'defy Issac Newton'. Who am I?Ans - Michael Jackson
16. These were a series of convenience stores previously called 'U Tote'm'. They were renamed in 1946 to reflect their new extended working hours. Which chain?
Ans - 7-Eleven
17. Tata Photon print ad. 'For those who love speed' released on Valentine's Day.
18. Visual of Apple founders
19. pic of Rama Bijapurkar
20. What is the first phase of the West Island Freeway System Project in India called?
Ans - Bandra Worli Sea Link

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Blogger Undergoing Catharsis said...

Thank you for posting a few of the questions up here! Yes, it was really a good quiz!



2:28 AM  
Anonymous Soubhagya Jena said...

thanx souvik, for your comments. Your quizzes that i have attended have been a great help in shaping up the preparation for Crucible and finally winning it.

Soubhagya Jena
ITM Business School ,Navi Mumbai

10:55 AM  
Blogger JaldiQuizzer said...

Well Done and Best wishes to the ITM team for the National Finals.

Missed the Regionals. Hope to catch the Finals @ Taj.

1:29 PM  
Blogger Raja said...

Hey Souvik... Thanks a ton for posting Tata Crucible.. Mumbai Prelims.. Plz post the questions of Finals as well.. Congrats to the winning team of Soubhagya and Anirban of ITM... Cheers...

12:41 PM  
Blogger RAJIB said...

Thanks for posting the questions. It will help every quiz lover like me to be better informed.



6:59 PM  

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