Tuesday, March 27, 2007

First post, BEQ Kolkata

Saw my picture in the newspaper for the 1st time in my life. Still conceited because of that. Though nowhere in the forefront, still clearly visible. Hence to celebrate the 'occassion', the first post on the blog. And, obviously, the first post based on the 'occassion' ie Brand Equity Quiz, Kolkata round.

Here are some questions from the finals:

1. In a food additive, what is given the E number E 174 and classed as food colouring?
Ans – silver (choices were silver, aluminium & gold) [all the 1st 6 questions had 3 choices]

2. William Lamb, the architect of the Empire State Building, based his design on a ___________ .
Ans – Pencil (1 of the other choices was pen)

3. Aurangzeb did away with ‘kalina’, the article of faith, from his coins because _______
Ans – it would be defiled when coming in contact with disbelievers

4. According to Oxford English Dictionary, which word comes from an Italian word for ‘to handle’ – especially a horse?
Ans – manage

5. Which tea does Organic India produce in 3 varieties: Rama, Krishna & Vana?
Ans – tulsi tea

6. According to Al Ries, what is the primary objective of a branding program?
Ans- mind (other choices were product & customer)

7. Who wrote the book ‘Gods of Management’ where he/she discussed the culture of Apollo?
Ans – Charles Handy

8. In New Orleans and parts of South USA, if you buy po-boys, you will get sandwiches. Why the name po-boys?
Ans- po-boys came from poor boys (who could not afford any expensive food item & sandwiches formed their main diet)

9. Who spent many years dodging taxes on the royalty received from the sales of his autobiography? (it would be approximately 6 million euros at today’s prices)
Ans – Adolf Hitler

10. In Chinese hospitals and in business in general, what is/are referred to as red packets?
Ans – bribe

11. What car component/feature first became commercially available as ‘Hydraguide’ in Chrysler’s new car?
Ans – power steering

12. What is the origin of the word ‘Dixieland’?
Ans – French word for 10 is dis

13. What does the ‘Ministry of Sound’ handle in New Delhi?
Ans – parties, functions etc (it’s a disco)

14. George Gillett & Tom Hicks made what famous acquisition in 2007?
Ans – Liverpool FC

15. Which RBI governor opposed the nationalization of Imperial Bank of India and later reversed his decision 1 year later?
Ans – CD Deshmukh

16. Who had the ad line: ‘Don’t ask the price, it’s a penny’?
Ans – Marks & Spencer

17. The first packets of which product said ‘prevents nervous strain’?
Ans – Durex condoms

18. Complete this Mahatma Gandhi quote: “The Congress is nothing if it does not represent the _____________.” (1 word, no Anglo-Saxon word)
Ans – ‘kisan’ (answers like ‘aam aadmi’ & ‘junta’ were not accepted)

19. In the 1920s, when this product was launched, the annual sales were only $3000. The items in the first batch measured 18” by 3”. What product/brand?
Ans – Band-Aid

20. Who is the second richest person in the world?
Ans – Warren Buffet

There were some Kolkata specific questions like 'Which restaurant is famous for its 'chello kebab' dish?'. The answer, as most foodlovers in Kolkata would know, is Peter Cat.

Thought that the TCS team of Sabyasachi Chandra and G. Sreekanth would win easily but they faced quite a fight from the runners up team Standard Chartered who got the last question on the buzzer wrong. Overall, a nice experience, made nicer by the fact that won myself an audience prize of a wine bottle and a kingfisher airlines t-shirt.

Now looking forward to the Mumbai round of BEQ.