Thursday, December 11, 2008

AIMA Quiz 2008 Mumbai continued

Here are some questions from the finals.

1. With which company will you associate ‘Project 10 to 100th’?
Ans – Google

2. Which Bollywood actor has become the brand ambassador of the Indian Boxing Association?
Ans – Sanjay Dutt

3. As per Indian state hunger index, which state is placed last?
Ans – Madhya Pradesh

4. With which company will you associate the initiative ‘one component one gram’?
Ans – Maruti

5. Which ad agency has won the maximum awards in Effie 2008?
Ans – JWT

6. Who has recently been voted the sexiest woman of Asia?
Ans – Katrina Kaif

7. Whose corporate motto is: Performance with Purpose?
Ans – Pepsi

8. In the song ‘Pappu can’t dance sala’, which are the 2 brands mentioned?
Ans – Rado & Gucci

9. Who has been recently chosen as the President of the Editors’ Guild in India?
Ans – Rajdeep Sardesai

10. With whose spouse will you associate ’23 & Me’?
Ans – Sergei Brin
11. With which company will you associate an environment friendly program called WOW?
Ans – ITC

12. What is the name of the train that runs between Dhaka & Kolkata?
Ans – Maitri Express

13. Expand SWITCH.
Ans – Satyam, Wipro, Infosys, TCS, Cognizant, HCL


AIMA Quiz 2008 (Mumbai)

The Mumbai round of the AIMA Quiz was held on 10th December. Sun Microsystems literally ran away with the quiz with HUL coming second. Recession has hit quizzing also as only 15 teams took part.

Here are some questions from the prelims.

1. Visual of a campus. (QM rather helpfully said training centre of an Indian software in Mysore). Whose campus?
Ans - Infosys

2. ‘Yours is here’ is whose tagline?
Ans – Dell

3. Who is the sponsor of the England cricket team?
Ans – Vodafone

4. Which politician owns the ‘Kohinoor Group’?
Ans – Manohar Joshi

5. Pics of Naina Lal Kidwai, Anand Mahindra & Rahul Bajaj. What is common to them?
Ans – all alumni of Harvard Business School

6. Visual: Picture of a writer who had died recently.
Ans – Michael Crichton

7. Who recently said, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”?
Ans – Steve Jobs

8. Pics of Sachin Tendulkar, Jackie Stewart and Jack Nicholson. They have all been brand ambassadors of which company?
Ans – Royal Bank of Scotland

9. Preity Zinta, Raageshwari, Amrita Rao & Gayatri Joshi have all been brand ambassadors of what?
Ans – Cadbury’s Perk

10. Which construction company has executed the project Bandra Worli sea-link?
Ans – Hindustan Construction Company

11. ‘Wreck weirder or over’ – 3 words related to quality management are merged. Unscramble them. (Hint: all words start with the letter ‘R’)
Ans – rework, record, review

12. In ‘PEST analysis’, what does PEST stand for?
Ans – political, economic, social, technological

13. In marketing management, what is semiotics?
Ans – Study of symbols & signs in consumer behaviour

14. Clip from film ‘EMI’. What was Sanjay Dutt’s agency called in the film?
Ans – Goodluck recovery agency

15. Clipping from film ‘Love Story 2050’. Who was the IT partner for the film?
Ans – Sun Microsystems

16. Clipping from film ‘Hello’. Name the book on which the film is based?
Ans – ‘One Night @ the Call Centre’ by Chetan Bhagat


Monday, December 08, 2008

AIMA Quiz continued

Here are some questions from the finals.

1. Whose life story is titled ‘Married to the Mouse’?
Ans – Walt Disney

2. Ron Raymond, who committed suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate bridge, was responsible for starting what?
Ans – Victoria’s Secrets

3. Which Indian software company has come up with an initiative called ‘Bioscope’ to increase employee camaraderie?
Ans – I-Flex

4. Which company has come out with a new tagline called ‘Experience Uncertainty’?
Ans – TCS

5. ‘Love, Learn and Thrive’ is the philanthropy program of which corporate giant?
Ans – P & G

6. In which company is managers rated in colour coded boxes like green, amber & red?
Ans – HUL

7. Which company was behind the campaign ‘The Old Man and The Sky’?
Ans – Air Deccan

8. The ‘Pink Slip Awards’ introduced by The Times of India is for what?
Ans – Best recruitment ads

9. ‘Let’s get it done’ is the new global corporate identity of which company?
Ans – Citigroup

10. Who said this: ‘Do you want to know what comes between me and my Calvin? Nothing.’?
Ans – Brooke Shields

11. Who has come up with a new slogan called ‘Save Money. Live Better.’?
Ans – Walmart

12. ‘Karo sifarish’ is the employee referral program of which company?
Ans – HDFC

13. With whom will you associate the book called ‘Softwar’?
Ans – Larry Ellison

14. What is the term used for a person who rolls part of the credit card bill over to the next month?
Ans – Revolver

15. Which famous entrepreneur will you associate with the book ‘It Happened in India’?
Ans – Kishore Biyani