Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Review about a nice MBA-Prep Course

Course Name: General Awareness for MBA covering Business Awareness and Current News
Course Link: http:/bit.ly/handagk
Price: Rs. 149

Today I came across this wonderful GK course material for MBA students designed by Ravi Handa. It is intended for students who are appearing for IIFT, SNAP and XAT.

The first thing that struck me about the course is the way it is presented. The entire course is broken down into relevant and easy to read modules. You have different sections on International companies, Indian companies, brands, taglines and other headings. The coverage is quite comprehensive. At times one can feel the quizzer in Ravi Handa take over from the GK teacher as some sections go into quite a good deal of details. But I would say it is an attempt to provide students more information and it is ultimately beneficial for the students only.

One module I liked is the timeline. This is unique to this course module. Hence, even if someone does not know the exact dates, one can reasonably make an educated guess about years after seeing the options. This module helps you in remembering years without actually cramming them.

The tests provided in the course are also quite stimulating and should provide good practice for a student. There are tests on current affairs, static gk as well as business awareness so that one is prepared in all the relevant areas.

There are also a nice video to explain various concepts about international trade which is relevant not only for the IIFT entrance test but for the IIFT interview also.

Another plus point of the course is that it provides old question papers of various tests. This will give a fair idea of students as to what to expect.

A downside of the course is that preparing from it can get a bit tedious for a student at times. The presentation format can be improved to make it more attractive to the reader.

Overall, quite a nice course. The price point of Rs 149 is also very reasonable. Thumbs up to Ravi Handa for coming up with this.