Sunday, April 26, 2009

Brand Equity Quiz 2009 (Mumbai)

Went to see the Mumbai round of BEQ yesterday. Nice quiz overall. However, if you are someone who only enjoys tough questions, then you may have been disappointed.

Here are some questions from the prelims.
1. Mr. Foster of M/S Crompton Greaves company in Mumbai was the first to own a ____ in India.
Ans - car
2. Du Pont pioneered this concept of feedback where feedback was got from peers, superiors, suboridnates. (something like this).
Ans - 360 degree
3. Sylla Petit was the 1st woman pilot of India. Who was her brother?
Ans - JRD Tata
4. With which industry will you associate the Geneva seal?
Ans - Watches
5. Melinda Gates very few things banned in her household. Among them are ___ & ___.
Ans - i-phones & i-pods (1 choice was fish & chips)
6. If 16 annas equal to 1 Re, what did 15 rupees equal to? (1 mohur, 1 cowpie, 1 cent)
Ans - 1 mohur
7. Every year 13 billion ___ bags are haned over to British shoppers.
Ans - polythene
8. If it is Dharavi in Mumbai, Bronx in New York, where is Favelas?
Ans - Rio de Janerio
9. According to Peter Drucker, a company has only two finctions: marketing & ____.
Ans - innovation (1 choice was segmentation)
10. In monopsony, there is only one ____. (buyer/seller/agent/regulator)
Ans - buyer
11. Which city's name comes under the brand name Haldiram in packages of Haldiram products?Ans - Nagpur
12. What is run by Corrections Corporation which is the largest of its type in US?
Ans - prisons
13. Grey Goose is a brand of ____ (product)?
Ans - vodka
14. The copyright on the works of which Indian expired on Jan 1, 2009?
Ans - Mahatma Gandhi
15. For what did Max Yesgur rent out his dairy farm in Bethel, New York, for 3 days in 1969?Ans - Woodstock
16. After the 2006 world cup, with which player did Adidas colloborate to come up with Powerserve?
Ans - Zinedine Zidane
17. According to the site, you can win an i-pod by hitting whose face with rotten egg on the site ?
Ans - Ramalinga Raju
18. Which district in UP is called the Suha-gs Nagri as it fulfils what a suhagin needs?
Ans - Ferozabad
19. visual N. Hiranandani
20. print ad for Vadilal
21. logo of Deccan Chargers
22. visual of Rajkumar Santoshi
23. print ad for De Beers

1 bad thing about the prelims was that q's were not repeated. The teams even did not get any time at the end also for any last moment changes.

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